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Can I use a cover design or illustrations produced elsewhere?

If you would prefer to have your cover design produced elsewhere, that's no problem at all. Our main aim is to ensure that the author is always in control of the publication process of the book and is completely happy with every decision. 

If opting for e-book and paperback publication, the cover artwork/design would need to be produced so that it is suitable for both e-book and paperback. For instance, if cover artwork is being produced, the artist would need to produce this bearing aspects of book formatting in mind, such as where the blurb would be placed and the publisher's imprint and bar code. Authors who are supplying their own cover design will need to send across the font files, as well as the working files (i.e. Photoshop) and must ensure that the fonts they are using are either free to license or they have purchased the licence for the commercial use for these fonts. If an author has just purchased the licence for non-commercial use, they will have to re-purchase it for commercial use. The author must ensure that the font is also suitable for print, not just for web. 

If you are supplying your own artwork or illustrations, this can sometimes be more expensive for authors in the long run. This is because additional charges may apply if we need to review the image files more than once – and this is often the case if an illustrator is not experienced at producing artwork specifically for print, or if they do not understand spine widths, bleed etc. that are necessary. In these instances, an author may end up paying for numerous file revisions because of issues with the illustrations (or agree with the illustrator for them to cover these costs), and therefore sometimes the cost of an external illustrator can outweigh that of using an in-house designer. 

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