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Can I have editorial feedback even if my manuscript isn’t finished?

If you would like editorial feedback but are still writing your manuscript, that is no problem at all. We would need the manuscript to be reasonably complete (i.e. not just a rough draft of the first few chapters of a lengthy book), however this does not need to be 100% finished. As long as you are at the stage where you can provide an approximate maximum word count for the full manuscript, and we have a sample that will be indicative of the style and quality of the final manuscript, then we can accept a sample of your manuscript for editorial feedback. 

Alternatively, if you are still working on your manuscript, you might be interested in our Writing Advisor Service, which gives you the chance to work with a professional Writing Advisor who will provide a wide range of support to help you start, develop or finish your manuscript, to give you the best chance of success. 

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