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Can I call or pop in to the office to discuss my book?

It is our company policy to liaise as much as possible with authors via email, so that we have a paper trail of correspondence. This is so that all members of the team that will work with you during publication have a record of all correspondence and this helps us ensure that no mistakes are made, as well as ensuring that we re-create the author's vision for their work as closely as possible. Often, an author may mention certain things regarding their book to one member of staff and we like to keep the whole team informed to ensure a thorough and comprehensive service. We pride ourselves on being an honest and ethical company and this is why we want to make sure that an author knows exactly what type of service they would receive from us, as opposed to things being agreed on the phone which may (accidentally) be overlooked or missed later on.

We don't usually conduct face to face meetings, as we work with many international authors for whom this wouldn’t be possible and we like to keep the process consistent for everyone. Authors tend to have lots of questions (especially in the early stages) and we like to provide them with as much in-depth information as we possibly can, as well as multiple document attachments. We wish to ensure that each author is provided with as much advice and guidance as we can offer, in order for them to be able to make an informed decision, and we find that this is much easier via email, as authors can then refer back to information as and when they wish. 

However, if you would prefer a phone call or a consultation meeting, please just let your Publishing Advisor know and they can arrange this for you. 

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