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Developmental Editing

A Developmental Edit provides thorough feedback on your entire manuscript, focusing on large-scale issues such as plot holes, inconsistencies, pacing, characterisation and structure. It will also examine line-level issues such as word choice and sentence structure to some extent, though not in as much detail as a copy-edit.

What does it cost?

Example price = £133.96 (based on a 30,000w manuscript)

The price of this service depends on word count.

For an accurate quote for this service, please contact us and a Publishing Advisor will be happy to help.

What does the service include?

You would receive a version of your full manuscript annotated using Track Changes, with the Writing Advisor’s feedback in comments, highlighting opportunities for improvement throughout the book, in every scene and chapter. The feedback provided in a Developmental Edit can lead to substantial changes to your manuscript, but it’s entirely up to you whether to implement the Writing Advisor’s suggestions or if you want to take your own approach when editing.

Every time I start to feel the progress I'm making on my writing by myself has ground to a halt, Rowanvale's been there to provide fantastic, constructive feedback on my manuscripts.

Matt Bradley