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They Came Three Thousand Miles and Died: The American War of Independence

They Came Three Thousand Miles and Died: The American War of Independence

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The American War of Independence was a long and arduous fight by a young nation to break free of outside control. Tony Maclachlan, having already written extensively on the Civil Wars closer to home in Hampshire and Wiltshire, now continues to focus on the struggles, victories and defeats of the American forces.

Maclachlan recounts the causes and politics of the War, bringing the battles to life with anecdotes, data and maps. He explains the wider campaign and the individual strategies employed, as well as providing detail on the people involved. The result is an informative and enjoyable read which leaves the reader in no doubt as to Maclachlan’s knowledge and enthusiasm of this fascinating struggle for independence.

With maps designed and produced by Rowanvale Books and personal touches throughout, this text will appeal to a wide audience. It provides key information that would perfectly suit college and university courses covering American History, war gaming societies and any general reader who wishes to learn more about this turning point in history.

With such obvious passion for his subject, Maclachlan’s They Came Three Thousand and Died will no doubt grip the reader and leave them in anticipation of the final instalment in this trilogy.

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About the Author

Tony Maclachlan is a retired lecturer from the New Forest, Wiltshire. The inspiration behind Rowanvale Books, Tony began writing and publishing books based on his speciality of local historical wars. He has published two books, both of which sold globally despite their local focus. He is currently in the process of writing his trilogy covering the American War of Independence.


Review of Civil War in Wiltshire, 'Salisbury Journal': "In setting out to recreate the events and traumas of the civil war, he visited many of the churches and manors. Researched extensively through primary and secondary sources to docment the story of the civil war in Wiltshire and has produced a dramatic account of most of the engagements and battles including the well-known double siege of Wardour Castle".

Review of Civil War in Hampshire, 'Hampshire Chronicle': "Maclachlan's book vividly describes the fall of Winchester and Basing House and the final defeat of Charles I. It is a scholarly and exciting work, fully illustrated with maps, contemporary illustrations and photographs of the present day locations where the wars were fought".

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Book Details

  • Author: Tony Maclachlan
  • 668 pages
  • Publication Date: 31/03/2014
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9573183-2-8