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The Wobbly Kings of England

Tony Maclachlan

England’s history has been as exciting as it has been unstable. The poshies who ruled back in medieval times were a pretty wobbly bunch, and didn’t give a monkey’s whotsit for the sweaty peasants. With war, assassinations, plots and some shady characters, British history sure is chaotic!

If you want to know who did what, when and why in English history, but don’t reckon much on the heavy, academic stuff, then this is the book for you! It’ll give you a pretty detailed account of the reigns of a lot of English monarchs. There’s a bit of information, too, about the actions of the less important guys, the earls and posh people like that, who frequently claimed that they could do a better job of running the show than the bloke on the throne. Read it all in this accessible and digestible account of the wobbly British bunch!

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