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The Truth About Hazel?

The Truth About Hazel?

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A story of dreams, secrets and lies.

After a chance remark made by a friend, writer Siân begins to remember Hazel, an enigmatic young woman who left her village in disgrace many years ago. Intrigued by the secrets Hazel left behind, Siân discovers the elderly Hazel is still alive, but her dreams, ramblings and increasing confusion only add more mysteries. From Hazel’s recollections and diaries, Siân begins to piece together the truth.

After Hazel's death, her diaries reveal the truth, or do they? How much can Siân believe?

All of it or only some of it?

Adult Content.

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About the Author

Mary Thurlow was born in Merthyr Tydfil and raised in the mining village of Llanbradach in the Rhymney Valley. She is married to Michael and has two grown-up children and four grandchildren.

An avid reader, she has always wanted to write stories but started late in life after bringing up her family, pursuing a teaching career and becoming actively involved in the local community. After a lengthy spell in Essex, she and her husband have returned to South Wales, and she is intent on achieving her life-long ambition. This is her first full-length book.

Book Details

  • Author: Mary Thurlow
  • 278 pages
  • Publication Date: 30/11/2019
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-912655-45-8
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-912655-46-5