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The Jacinta

Julian M. Armstrong

Glorhelm, the exiled elven prince;?Carant, the wry druid;?Rozeka, the mysterious witch; and?Anagil, the dour dwarf. Unlikely travelling companions, they are nonetheless thrown together through various quirks of fate, and when they stumble upon news of a strange quest, at first it seems to be nothing more than another way to make a living. Along with some new companions – a priest, a princess and a thief – they set off in search of five precious and rare artefacts that will save the life of Princess Faro, sole heiress to the ancient throne of?Lerwichamian. Of the Seven Magic Kingdoms of Tala, a land now ravaged by the consequences of a violent and deadly war, only?Lerwichamian?now remains; but it is diminished, the line of Kings broken, and under the rule of the amoral Baron?Fro.


The party have struggled across sun-blasted deserts and battled against the odds to make it back to the borders of Tala. Now the six remaining companions, augmented by the presence of the thief Kax, face their most perilous task yet, for no-one ever enters the realm of Alagasis. However, there is unrest amongst the party; the curse that binds Rozeka and Anagil threatens to overwhelm them, whilst a hidden book of evil worms its way into Baranil’s thoughts, tempting him to stray from the path of his calling.


As the party fight for their very survival, events move faster in Lerwichamian as the power struggles between Payadanian and Kajan Thar make it clear that something is very wrong at the heart of what remains of the Kingdoms…

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