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The Curse of Morton Farmhouse

The Curse of Morton Farmhouse

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Anne and her fiancée, Jeremy, are a happy couple caught up in the throes of young love. Their blissful state is short-lived, however, as the onset of World War II soon threatens to tear them apart. Could their struggle to remain together, despite the dangers and distance created by war, be linked to their purchase of Morton Farmhouse? The young couple had ignored warnings of the supposed ‘curse’ accompanying the farmhouse, but this shadow seems to remain, lurking in the background and spreading misery for generations. Finally Chris, a descendent of the Anne and Jeremy, steps in to try to solve the Curse of Morton Farmhouse that has caused his family such tragedy.

Derek Smith writes in a style that is both bewitching and thrilling, ensnaring readers with words encapsulating love, mystery and devastation. Smith depicts the curse itself very skilfully, weaving subtle hints of it throughout the plot to tie together the more dramatic events of farm life and war. Readers will be left reeling from the relentless impact of war, yearning to discover the truth and to see if Chris proves more successful than his forbears in overcoming the curse and finding happiness.

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About the Author

Derek Smith was born in a tiny thatched cottage on the edge of Salisbury Plain army ranges, the third son of a farm labourer. The village where he grew up was a self-contained, close-knit community, with few shops and a strong farming presence. Everybody knew each other, and Derek has fond childhood memories of sharing homemade penny ice lollies with his mates. His summer holidays were spent on the farms, riding on the corn wagons and catching rabbits as they bolted from the binder.

He attended a Church of England school with only three teachers: infant, junior and senior. He still remembers the advice of his headmaster: ‘If you can read, write and add up, the world is your oyster.’

Derek does not write in hope of fame or fortune; the happiest times of his life were when his family had no material goods or money. His father always said that one gets more pleasure from sharing than from receiving, and so Derek hopes that his readers will simply enjoy his books. 

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Book Details

  • Author: ​Derek Smith
  • 157 pages
  • Publication Date: 31/07/2015
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-910607-95-4
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-910607-92-3
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-910607-93-0
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-910607-94-7