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The Claws of the Earth Part IV: The Alignment


Author releases gripping fourth instalment to his dangerously thrilling series.

B. once more draws readers into the action-packed world of treachery, danger and magic in this fourth instalment of the gripping The Claws of the Earth series.

Mintor and his companions continue their quest south to find the Island of Weayland’s Keep, but will they reach the Claws of the Earth in time? With the black-armour swarming their land, threatening to crush the empire beneath a black tidal wave of destruction, the friends’ quest seems near impossible to complete.

Queen Riolany makes an unexpected startling discovery in Korlot, but what is Buralco up to? Meanwhile, events in the Eastern Kingdom threaten to spiral out of control. Can anything stand in the way of the wizard, Evan Whitestiller, and halt him in fulfilling his destiny?

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