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The Arthuriad Volume Three: The Misery of Morgaine

Zane Newitt

Cometary catastrophe, adultery, hubris, unrequited love, blood-lust, revenge, corruption, religion, conspiracy… For all of these, Cymru is fallen into civil war – into the Civil War. The sun is setting on the Summer Kingdom, the most golden of realms, and the world will never recover.

Evil has organized the North, the traitorous Whelp, Mark the Cruel, Cedric and his revitalized Saxons and Gewessi, painted Picts of Alba, the raiders of Eire, and the Black Pope himself against Arthur.

But what of Lancelot? And Morgaine of the Faeries? Upon these two complex, dark, tragic heroes doth the fate of Arthur dangle, and the last of the Round Table Fellowship with him. Will they turn from their strife and torment and realize that they are all King Arthur, lend their immeasurable powers against the forces of shadow that would destroy the kingdoms of Cymru, or see an Anti-Christ rise from the ashes of the fallen king?

The Arthuriad Volume Three: The Misery of Morgaine is the epic conclusion to King Arthur’s reign as Pendragon, or High King.

The Arthuriad cycle, however, is just beginning…

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