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Spider's Web

Spider's Web

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Over three years have passed since Maggie’s near fatal injury. She is restless running the team’s special ops missions from the safety of the Grid. No sooner does she re-enter the real world when her past finds her. In an instant, Maggie’s life is forever changed. Unsure who to trust, Maggie tries to navigate her new reality. Will she be able to choose her future, or will she remain trapped in the web of enemies she created?  

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About the Author

Shannon Condon is the mother of three boys and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is a graduate of the College of Communications and Journalism at the University of Florida. Her dream of being an author has been realized with the publication of the Magdalena series: Finding Magdalena, The Brotherhood and now, Spider's Web.

Book Details

  • Author: Shannon Condon
  • 406 pages
  • Publication Date: 30/11/2018
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911569-90-9
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-911569-91-6