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Mr 101

Z. R. Ghani

Mr 101 tells the story of an eccentric magician, chocolatier and thinker, driven to solitude because of his hatred of the sun. Mr 101’s secluded world is turned upside-down when Daffodil enters his reality-defying house and is made to stay there by her father. Her presence alters the atmosphere in this peculiar house and causes some strange events to stir.

Daffodil’s indoor expeditions lead her to find evidence of horrifying murders, along with fragmented pieces of a photograph that links to Mr 101’s hidden past. She knows it is only a matter of time until she must come across some terrible fate.

Meanwhile, a female ghost, whom Mr 101 knows is related to his past, torments him. Numerous questions come to light. Who is the ghost? What does she want? Will Mr 101 ever come to terms with his past? Will Daffodil manage to escape the grisly fate that awaits her?

In between passages, Mr 101 has seventy-two thoughts that emerge from the narrative. The novel is sprinkled with magic, thought-provoking philosophy and humour, all stirred into one intriguing mixture.

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