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Legends of Amaré: Animus

D. Bishop

Almost a year on from the royal trials, Tara has sunk into deep depression and isolation. With her unable to lead Amaré as its queen, Angus has taken on her responsibilities as steward of the throne. Since the Battle of the Royal City, Stellarkum has become a lot less peaceful – and the people are becoming angry as Tara refuses to step into her role as queen.

Kairen and Elizabeth do their best to help Tara regain her old, happy self. However, Kairen is dealing with problems of his own after the loss of his wings and has had to learn how to live without them. When Tara finds out that he has left Stellarkum without a word to anyone, she is forced to embark upon a journey that leads her out of her isolation and back into the world.

With Tara being far from ready to resume her responsibilities, her rushed decision may yet bring about worse consequences – for both herself and those around her.

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