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Dithering Steam

Dithering Steam

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Brenda Whitman’s love life is abysmal. Aged forty-eight, she has been divorced twice, has no children and is incredibly lonely. She always thought she would meet the right man one day, but unfortunately this never happened. Most of her friends are married with grown-up children.

One day, while she is watching her favourite reality TV show, The Neophyte, one of the contestants caught her eye: a gorgeous young man called James Lyman. Amazingly, Brenda and James have a chance encounter in a Fleet Street wine bar. They start seeing each other, and Brenda becomes happier than she’s ever been. However, James is soon conflicted; he meets a young, beautiful woman who ‘ticks all the boxes’ — Elizabeth Cooker. Will he pursue his new love interest, or will he continue dating Brenda?

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About the Author

Barbara was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1964 — the last year of the ‘age of innocence’. As she grew up and witnessed the effects of certain social and cultural changes that were supposed to make people happy and society better, she felt that things were only getting worse and that people around her were gradually starting to feel more miserable and stressed.

Despite being able to go to university and having other professional and personal opportunities that her maternal ancestors didn't have, Barbara eventually became unhappy living in America. Aged thirty-two, she moved to London with her husband who she later separated from.  She soon began to grow intellectually in Britain as she started to spend less time watching television, and more time reading. From there, she began to find out not only why certain social and cultural changes occurred, but also who engineered it and what the hidden agenda was.

Barbara works as a medical secretary and has two undergraduate social science degrees. She has a passion for social engineering and wants people to understand how they have been effected by it emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Book Details

  • Author: Barbara Whetton
  • 163 pages
  • Publication Date: 30/09/2016
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781910832776