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Moonlight illuminates her porcelain skin

A black domino betwixt forehead and chin

Lance Barnwell’s Dereliction is a triumphant first step into the publishing world. His collection is full of stark and bold dark poetry that ranges from the supernatural, to the future of our world.

Lance cleverly uses ironic rhyming couplets to portray not a love story, but a dark wondering about the world we live in. He asks questions of it and gives an interesting opinion on its answers, provoking involvement and thought from his audience. His couplets are intelligent, not twee, showing a mastery of the craft.

This thrilling collection boldly steps into the world of dark poetry smoothly and effortlessly. He reveals an honest portrayal of dark thoughts, feelings and emotions that the audience can relate to feeling - even if it is not always admitted.

Followers of dark poetry will love Barnwell's collection, but its appeal stretches further than this. The book is also filled with humour, both black and light; all tastes can be found somewhere amongst his words.

With his evocative style, raw emotions and untamed feeling, Barnwell will take you through a journey unlike any other.

There's only your voice within your head

So don't be enticed by what is said

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About the Author

Lance was born in Leicester Feb 1961 and, after a thirty year absence of any type of creative writing, was persuaded by a friend to 'have a go at' poetry. Twenty four hours later, he says, he had produced his first rudimentary poem, much to his surprise! Since the autumn of 2008 he has written approximately 100 poems, some of which have appeared in poetry anthologies, as well as a small collection of his own produced for a local charity. Lance has recently decided to focus on 'darker' poetry, which seems to come more naturally to him, probably because he has read a lot of Stephen King and James Herbert. Lance’s other passion is hiking, which he says was a good source for his earlier poetry.

Book Details

  • Author: Lance Barnwell
  • 56 pages
  • Publication Date: 30/09/2013
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9575569-9-7