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Comical Witches

Comical Witches

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Join the witches and their eccentric friends as they get up to plenty of mischief and hilarious antics in the Magic Wood. Will Agatha ever get rid of her green face? Will the magical folk be able to banish Jack Frost back to his own world? Will Grindle, the oddest witch in the Magic Wood, be able to master her spells once and for all? 

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About the Author

Joyce Maidment was born in Middlesex in 1930. An only child, her early years were significantly affected by the war. She left school aged fourteen and worked in London until the air raids forced her to move away. She has had many different jobs, the last of which was teaching arts and crafts at a training centre. Joyce retired when her husband was taken ill, and they moved to Wales to be near their son.

After surviving two minor strokes four years ago, Joyce decided to start writing. She has always had a vivid imagination and loves magic and mysteries. She now lives in a bungalow with her adorable Yorkshire terrier, Susie, for company. Despite being unable to garden as much as she’d like to these days, Joyce still enjoys pottering around in her greenhouse. 

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Book Details

  • Author: Joyce Maidment
  • Publication Date: 30/09/2016
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-910832-36-3