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Jason Purdy’s Cigarette follows the misadventures of self-appointed ‘ex- gangster’ Dave Benson as he unsuccessfully attempts to see off his previous shady life in style. When his childhood friend, Jimmy, comes knocking on his door with one last job, Dave finds himself unable to refuse the offer.
In Dave Benson, Jason Purdy has created an unlikely hero; an alcoholic unhinged character with a missing finger and an irrational fear of smoking, working a 9-5 desk job he doesn’t understand, Dave is also a man stuck in limbo. His struggle to leave the past behind leads to a bizarre series of dealings with a gangster called Drum, and his three psychotic partners.

With both chilling moments and fantastic streaks of dry humour, Cigarette is a darkly funny novel that gently pastiches the familiar clichés of gangster fiction. Jason Purdy has developed fascinating and identifiable characters that could easily live beyond the pages of his first novel.

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About the Author

Jason Purdy is a Northern Irish author, who has been writing short stories and poems from a very young age. He’s mostly interested in dark but comical stories, about human nature and life in general. His style is blunt, acerbic and to the point. Cigarette follows the story of Dave Benson, an alcoholic ex-gangster with a missing finger, a short temper, and a penchant for constantly messing up his own life. Cigarette is the first of a trilogy, and what started as a one-off has turned into a gripping, hilarious, tightly paced crime series, in which Dave continues to make incredibly stupid decisions with little to no obvious sense of self preservation. Jason says that he plans to continue to write until he drops dead or his hands fall off. With any luck, those two events will happen at the same time rather than independently of each other.

Book Details

  • Author: Jason Purdy
  • Publication Date: 30/04/2013
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-0-9574934-1-4
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-0-9574934-2-1
  • PDF ISBN: 978-0-9575569-1-1