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Beyond Timelight

Beyond Timelight

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Have you wondered whether there is an afterlife?

Where do we go after death? Is there a judgement day? All this and more is revealed within these pages.

Charles Broyden may be deceased, but he has retained his ambition and remains as ruthless as ever. He’s been in the Devil’s pocket for the best part of his life, but who’s in charge now — the puppet or the puppeteer?

A battle ensues that must be won by the Keepers of Timelight. Can they save Elizabeth from the destructive forces and save a man’s soul from himself?

Follow Charles on his journey and meet the friends he made who attempt to educate him on the ways of the afterlife…or so he thought!

Beyond Timelight is a modern story that can be interpreted either as a supernatural tale or as an insight into the power of thought and the hidden influences that act upon our lives.

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About the Author

Jacqueline Anne is a mother of two sons, a grandmother to two grandsons, a healer as well as a working medium. Over the years, she has had her share of dealing with troublesome, disruptive energies and has gathered a huge amount of understanding and awareness. As a result, she has been given the privileged insight into some of the workings of the spiritual realms that a lot of us just do not see. Jacqueline was inspired to share what she has learned for the benefit of others and so Beyond Timelight was born.

Jacqueline is someone who would describe herself as an unlikely author; although she’s a very creative person, words and writing have never been her forte. On many occasions over her years of spiritual development she had sat to write and receive poetry & philosophy, but one day something was different... a story began to come through. A story that grew and grew... a story that has become Beyond Timelight. Jacqueline is currently working on a sequel.

Jacqueline feels that Beyond Timelight is a tale that needs to be heard by many people in this confused and fractured world. It is a story with a lot of spiritual truth intertwined within its narrative, aiming to help to teach its readers many things they need to know about the world that exists alongside our own, whose inhabitants have a great power to alter and manipulate us and affect our lives. It’s a story with an important message for us all.

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Book Details

  • Author: Jacqueline Anne
  • Publication Date: 31/03/2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911240-60-0
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-911240-41-9
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-911240-42-6
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-911240-43-3