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Badge of Loyalty

Badge of Loyalty

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Mike Angells is an openly gay CID inspector based in North East England. There are three men in his life: Raith Balan, Phil Roberts and Ross Whitburn. Mike is particularly close to Ross.

Following a routine but significant investigation into thefts of farm machinery, Mike investigates the suspicious death of a footballer. The suspect’s father threatens to expose a crime Ross committed many years earlier, unless Mike withholds evidence that would incriminate his son. Mike must choose which badge he is loyal to—the one he was given when he joined the Force or the tattoo he wears that symbolises polyamory. His decision leads to a brutal conclusion when two men who bear grudges, an ex-con and Balan’s ex-lover, combine to exact revenge.

Interspersed with Mike’s story are comments made by Raith, Phil and Ross about Mike, each other, and the nature of their polyamorous relationship. It works for them, but, as Phil explains, they work at it.

Neither full-on erotica nor hard-boiled crime, and with many light moments, this is a story about love, hatred, and the price which is paid for loyalty.

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About the Author

Fiction author Jude Tresswell was born and raised in the north of England, though currently lives in the south.

Jude says: “I came across the term ‘extreme dreamer’ recently and realised that it describes me. I’ve been an extreme dreamer since early childhood without ever having realised it! I lead a very full ‘real’ life, but I enjoy imagining too.”

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Book Details

  • Author: Jude Tresswell
  • 242 pages
  • Publication Date: 28/02/2018
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911569-54-1
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-911569-55-8
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-911569-56-5
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-911569-57-2