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Argent Blade

Luke Courtney

“We wield the darkness to serve the light. We face and defeat our enemies the way it’s meant to be done: with courage in our hearts and a silver blade in theirs.”

It’s been a pretty lousy week for twenty-something Londoner Lucy Murray. She’s lost her job, she’s behind on the rent—and to cap things off, on the way to a Halloween party, her old friends turn out to be part of a cult trying to kill her. That’s the bad news.

The good news? At the last moment, she’s saved by the Knights of the Order of the Argent Blade—a centuries-old secret society devoted to finding, studying and crushing evil wherever it’s found. Invited to join their ranks, she becomes part of the war between the Order and its eternal foe, the Cabal of the Desolated, a cult dedicated to tearing apart the barriers between this world and the next to bring about the extinction of the human race.

Rescued, befriended and trained by the Order’s eclectic members—including the warrior Charles Pryce, twin sisters Valerie and Gillian Templeton, ace sharpshooter Ethan Brand and their leader Lawrence Templeton—Lucy finds herself caught up in a race against time to stop the Desolated from summoning the Mother of Monsters to begin the apocalypse in central London…

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