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Another Day Someday

Another Day Someday

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From Tracey Odessa Kane comes another book of poetry with a purpose - that purpose being to wake us from the sleep of daily life. 

Another Day Someday seeks to teach people how to think for themselves, as opposed to telling them what to think. It is a spotlight, one that aims to shed light and bring out into the open that which has been brushed under society’s carpet for far too long. 

The road to Another Day Someday, though not elusive (not by any means), is still considered to be a bridge too far, a wish upon a star, that is simply out of reach for many. It is a road that is heavily laden with dreams and doubt, gain and guilt, promise and procrastination, hope and heartache. It is a road that we all long to tread upon, a road overflowing with purpose, passion, promise. It is a road unlike any other, a road upon which you can hear the overwhelming sound of 7 billion voices asking in whispered tones that age old question, “what if, if only.”

If you did ask poet Tracey Odessa Kane about that road, she’d say that one day, maybe Another Day Someday, we will all find the love, the strength and the courage to walk upon it together as friends.

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About the Author

Tracey Odessa Kane’s lifelong passion, writing, emerged during her childhood. The youngest child in a forbidding family situation, writing became her most trusted ally, her saviour; it gave her solace and allowed her to think and to say all of those things that her everyday life wouldn’t allow her to voice. Her experience of being a young mother had a profound influence on her and her writing. Having always dreamt of writing books that could help people like her who had been forced to suffer imposed silence, she seized the motivation she’d gained from having a son. She wanted above all for people to know they were not alone, that they were loved, valued, had worth and purpose, in spite of the hand life may have initially dealt them. And so Kane’s quest began. For the past thirty years, she has dedicated her life to helping those whom for whatever reason cannot help themselves. She’s volunteered to help her Church and community, and has worked within charity and education sectors. Her desire to help others to communicate has always played a huge part in this, so much so that she has received awards both locally and nationally. Although she left school at a young age with no qualifications, she loves to learn and has furthered her education, forming links with not only Sheffield and Chester University, but with a wide and varied range of training providers, including The Institute of Leadership and Management and The Coaching Academy. It is Kane’s belief that everyone matters and has the absolute right not only to be heard, but to be educated, equipped, empowered and encouraged, to be treated justly with fairness and equality, and it is to this cause that she dedicates her life and her writing.

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Book Details

  • Author: Tracey Odessa Kane
  • 170 pages
  • Publication Date: 30/06/2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-910832-44-8
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-910832-41-7
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-910832-42-4
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-910832-43-1