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After the Quarrel

After the Quarrel

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They say that we are all searching for someone whose demons play well with our own. Well, I thought I’d found mine.

Most cheats stop at the water’s edge. I didn't.

The jewel thief, the bank robber, the assassin... Think about it; they're all 'world class' at what they do. They win every time; they steal all the loot, they kill all their targets...and then somebody comes along and says ‘One more job.’ Just one more. They can’t resist. It’s their chance to live like they'd never lived before — like they'd never live again.

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About the Author

Jason Thorkwell was born in Scotland’s unofficial capital; he arrived at Rutherglen Maternity on the 10th of December 1981. He went from council dwellings in Whitlawburn to four-in-a-block home owning in Croftfoot in just fifteen years. During this time he left school, was rejected by Glasgow School of Art, attended various colleges and had numerous jobs, some good and some bad. He met a lot of thoroughly adequate people along the way and most of them tolerated him. A handful still do. Later on he attended ‘proper’ universities as he completed a degree in English Literature followed by a PGDE in Primary Education. This was around the same time that he met a girl. Coincidence? Probably not. Happy in his spare time to write stories that don’t appeal to everyone in the world, he released his debut novella, The Quarrel, with Rowanvale Books in 2014. Sitting out on the literary fringe a little bit, Jason Thorkwell is, in image: sullen, arty and difficult. In reality: profoundly ordinary, sullen, arty and difficult. He continues to work in primary education — oh, and he married the girl.

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  • Author: ​Jason Thorkwell
  • Publication Date: 31/05/2016
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-910832-45-5
  • MOBI ISBN: 978-1-910832-46-2
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-910832-47-9