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Ace in the Picture

Ace in the Picture

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The police suspect Raith Balan of faking a painting. So do money launderers who sink profits into art. Mike, Ross and Phil, the three men in Raith’s life, must prove his innocence. They’re hampered by their certainty that a member of the Fraud Squad is corrupt. The senior investigating officer is Detective Sergeant Nick Seabrooke. He knows he is asexual, but is he aromantic too? As Raith’s lovers struggle to keep Raith safe and find the fraudster, the sergeant struggles to understand why the quad is often in his thoughts.

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About the Author

Fiction author Jude Tresswell was born and raised in the north of England, though currently lives in the south.

Jude says: “I came across the term ‘extreme dreamer’ recently and realised that it describes me. I’ve been an extreme dreamer since early childhood without ever having realised it! I lead a very full ‘real’ life, but I enjoy imagining too.”

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Book Details

  • Author: Jude Tresswell
  • Publication Date: 31/03/2019
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-912655-18-2
  • EPUB ISBN: 978-1-912655-19-9