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Book Illustrations Service

See your stories brought to life with high-quality, vivid book illustrations that speak to your readers. See characters become real and landscapes jump out from the page with colourful, detailed illustrations that make your book stand out from the crowd. Whether it's children's book illustrations or drawings to accompany poetry, sometimes a little visual aid can go a long way! 

In a nutshell

Work with a talented designer to produce beautiful, custom children's book illustrations that will bring your characters to life. Your designer can collaborate with you to create the characters and scenes that you'd envisioned when writing the book, and can provide concepts and ideas when you're not yet sure exactly what you need.

What it costs

Light Style: £25 per illustration (inc. VAT)
Medium Style: £50 per illustration (inc. VAT)
Heavy Style: £75 per illustration (inc. VAT)

Comparison -
Authorhouse: £199-£279 per illustration
Xlibris: £100-£250 per illustration

If you live outside of the UK, please ask your Publishing Advisor the correct price for your country.


Light Style:

Light children's book illustrations are striking and bold. Perfect for poetry and younger children’s picture books, they communicate a tale. They use minimal detail, simple lines and shade, flat colours, little background detail and simple artistic techniques.

Medium Style:

Medium children's book illustrations contain extra detail and texture. Suitable for any text, but perfect for an older children’s story, they are relatively detailed and use textured colours, thorough lines and shade and a polished finish (e.g. pointilism, cartoon-style).

Heavy Style:

Heavy children's book illustrations are embellished and intricately detailed, with deep backgrounds and rich textures. They use complex shading and extremely considered backgrounds with tone and texture. They are created using time-consuming artistic techniques, such as pointillism, realism and portraiture and have an highly polished finish.

Browse examples in the Design Galleries.

Why do we do this?

We include custom book illustrations as part of our children's paperback publications, as we believe that vivid designs and eye-catching characters can really capture the imagination and add to the story. Our Book Illustrations Service is also available as a stand-alone option, which means that authors can ensure their illustrations truly reflect the characters and stories within their book, and can proceed with them along whichever publishing route they feel is right.

How do we do this?

I've had nine books published by Rowanvale and my 10th is on the way. I like the fact that I still have control over my work at Rowanvale. 

John Davies, author of Ten More Terrific Tales, Darren's Dilemma and 10 other titles
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