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Beta Readers

Have you finished the first draft of your manuscript and you’re wondering where to start with the editing process? Or have you finished the final draft of your manuscript and want to test the reception with readers before you publish? Our Beta Reader service might be just what you need at this point in your writing journey.

Share your manuscript with up to five experienced beta readers who will provide you with feedback on your book and let you know which elements they loved and which could be improved, and how.

In a nutshell

We will match up your manuscript with up to five beta readers who are regular readers of your genre. Many authors send their manuscript off for beta reading so that they can gain some feedback from their target audience, and ensure that their book is well suited for readers, is conveying the right message, and is enjoyable, before they move on to editing or publishing.

Our beta readers understand what makes a good book and will help you develop your plot, characters, structure, writing style and purpose.

What it costs

Word count is under 10,000w = £38.84-£112.66 for 5

Word count is 10 - 45,000w = £112.66-£384.62 for 5

Word count is 45 - 90,000w = £384.62-£734.29 for 5

Word count is 90,000w+ = please contact us for a bespoke quote

You can also choose to have less than 5 beta readers, which would lower the cost.

For more information and to discuss this service further, please get in contact.


Up to five experienced beta readers who will read your draft before editing or publishing and provide you with detailed feedback.

Why do we do this?

We know how daunting it can be, anxiously wondering how your novel will be received after publication, so why not be one step ahead and see what kind of reaction you’ll get before you publish?

Your beta readers’ feedback will be sent to you promptly (within a week or so) and from that point on, you can polish your novel to your heart’s content knowing exactly what your readers are looking for.

How do we do this?

· An electronic copy of your book will be shared with our team of beta readers, and those most interested in your genre will be chosen to read the title and give their honest feedback and thoughts

· Five detailed feedback forms arranged into plot, characters, setting, dialogue, writing style and overall impression, can be expected to be returned as fast as you require them (time-frames usually range from 1-6 weeks)

· You can then use this feedback to guide your editing process and ensure that your novel resonates with its future readers

Very helpful comments, both critical and positive. This process has really helped me focus on how I can improve my book and I'm pleased I did it. Many thanks to Cat for organising it and for all her help.


James Butler