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Author Website Service

Having a professional, easy to navigate author website is important in helping you to advertise and sell your books, and to create yourself into a recognisable brand. An author website can be used very effectively alongside social media and blogging to encourage and build a fan base for your books.

In a nutshell

Work with a web development team that can create a high quality, easy to navigate author website that allows you to expand on your book marketing campaign and reach out to a global audience. An author website is one of the cornerstones of successful book promotion, and we can help you in producing a site that is tailored to your needs and reflects the message of your book.

What it costs

Website Set-Up £165.40 (inc. VAT)

If you live outside of the UK, please ask your Publishing Advisor the correct price for your country.


  • Up to 5 pages of content
  • 15gb web hosting for 12 months
  • Personalised site and domain name
  • Readers can purchase books directly through your site

Why do we do this?

Having your own author website helps increase your book exposure by bringing it to an online global audience, and can also serve as a powerful driving force behind your book sales. By providing your potential customers and readers with compelling information about your book on your website, you grab their attention and interest, giving them a reason to purchase. Why not also add extra features like writing tips, blog posts, and buttons to purchase the book either directly from yourself or from your publisher?

How do we do this?

(Please note that we cannot guarantee that we can provide you with the exact domain name that you request, as this depends on whether this domain name has already been assigned.)

The Rowanvale team have been excellent throughout. They go the extra mile for their clients, whose satisfaction is their primary aim. From start to finish of a project they are just an e-mail away, ready and waiting with friendly and helpful advice on all aspects of the publishing process. Not only do they answer all your questions, they have answers to questions you haven’t even thought of! Nothing is too much trouble and they tell you in detail what you need to know. They are on your side, they know what it takes to be a writer with all the usual fears and phobias. Reassurance, I’d say, is their key strength, along with others too numerous to mention. I really can’t thank them enough for all their valuable help.

Rowanvale Books goes from strength to strength; emphasis on continuous improvement with the writer's interests at the heart of its business ethos. Great stuff!

​Miles Craven, author of Pride Before a Fall Through Time, Eagle and the Lady-Killer and 2 other titles
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