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Amazon Analysis

Amazon is the world's biggest bookseller. With COVID-19 dramatically increasing eBook sales, as physical bookshops are harder to visit, pushing book sales via Amazon should now be an author's top priority. Having a constant stream of book sales through Amazon can be a great source of passive income for authors.

What is the Amazon Analysis?

Many authors have self-published through platforms such as KDP. Often, authors would like to improve their Amazon book sales and rankings, but are unsure how to do this. The Amazon Analysis helps authors improve their book sales on Amazon.

What it costs


For more information or to book an Amazon Analysis for your book(s), please get in contact.

What does the Amazon Analysis include?

Using top industry keyword and category research software, the team analyse the current keywords and categories being used to help select the best keywords and categories to increase the chances of success. Unlike other software, the software that we use helps:

1) show what keywords shoppers on Amazon actually use

2) how many books are competing for that keyword

3) how many monthly searches are performed for that keyword

4) how much money other books that rank for that keyword are making

We also do extensive category research to help find niche categories that we can place your book in and which categories will help get more sales for that book. This research also helps establish how many sales that day would be needed to make the book rank in the top 10, as well as how many are needed in order for the book to be the new #1 bestseller in that category.

What else is analysed?

During the Amazon Analysis, the team will analyse:

- keywords and categories

- an author's online presence and credibility

- book reviews

- the eBook or paperback's production and reasons why this might be causing poor sales

You will also be given information on how to improve book reviews and how to generate more exposure for your book with promotional tools.