Every manuscript we proofread, every eBook we design, and every paperback we publish, is the result of our amazing team all working together to make one another’s ideas stronger.

At Rowanvale, this is possible because every one of us strives towards a common goal — creating the best experience for those embarking on their self-publishing journey.

Find out more about the amazing people behind Rowanvale below.
Cat Charlton
Managing Director
Cat is Rowanvale’s Managing Director. A force to be reckoned with, she is the driving force behind sales, marketing and strategy. Cat founded Rowanvale Books in 2012, after her father had a poor experience with a big-name self-publishing company. Having studied Psychology at Exeter University, she has since completed further studies in Leadership and Management. In her spare time, Cat can be found raising her two sons in the Welsh countryside and going on various road-trips around the UK.
Jess Postians
Scheduling Assistant & Writing Advisor
Having developed an early love for books in primary school, Jess went on to study English Literature at Cardiff University graduating with a 2.1 in 2014. Joining Rowanvale in April 2017, Jess’s favourite things include decorative stationary, colour co-ordinated lists and the smell of a new book. When not immersed in a book, the self-confessed chocoholic can be found spending time with her husband and two young sons.
Ellie Owen
Senior Writing Advisor
Ellie joined Rowanvale in 2017. After graduating with a BA in History from the University of York, Ellie returned to her first love: reading and writing. In her free time, Ellie can be found engaging in long debates about Star Wars and playing an unprecedented amount of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s no surprise then that her favourite genre is science fiction and fantasy!
Rebeckah Griffiths
From spending her childhood copying the covers of Disney VHS tapes and taping all manner of scribbles and doodles to the surface of her house, Rebeckah has since abandoned the 'sensible' veterinary dream and took the plunge to dedicate herself to illustration full-time. She studied at University of South Wales and spends her time either developing her craft or sticking her nose between the pages of a book.
Gemma Butler
Project Account Manager
After enrolling in English Literature at Cardiff University, Gemma grew to love creative writing more and more. After which, she opted to convert her BA to joint honours and added Creative Writing to her dossier. In her spare time, she can be found reading her favourite genres: fantasy and horror novels. A lover of horror, her favourite author is Stephen King. She has read his work that many times, she’s lost count!
Cat M’Crystal-Fletcher
Project Account Manager
In her final year of school, Cat’s classmates created a list of song titles that reflected each student’s character. Cat’s song was Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. This gives a little too much information about her vintage but sums her up very well! Cat is a lover and a do-er of all things beautiful and creative. Due to her childhood, living in a country of censorship, she holds communication as an entity to be protected; the written word as previous and books sacred. On her checklist of life is a bullet, ‘author’; until her manuscripts are ready, she is passionate about supporting those brave enough to become one.
Abby Allen
Project Account Manager
Growing up, Abby didn’t know what she wanted to do when she was older. All she knew was that she loved reading! After studying English Literature at Cardiff University, Abby realised that her true passion was helping authors to publish their manuscripts. In her spare time, Abby can be found running around Bute Park in Cardiff. Unable to resist a powerhouse female protagonist, she credits Greta Gerwig's Little Women as her favourite film.
Ionawr Edwards
Rowanvale’s best Welsh speaker, Ionawr studied illustration at the University of Central Lancashire. Her favourite genre to illustrate is children’s books — having worked in nurseries and schools for a number of years, Ionawr has an incredible amount of experience with children’s literature. She credits the ability to illustrate books for a living as ‘a real privilege’ In her spare time, she likes to spend time with family and explore the lovely Welsh countryside.
Laura Fieldhouse
After graduating with a degree in Graphic Communications from Cardiff School of Art and Design, Laura joined Rowanvale in April 2020. Laura’s first love is typography and all things retro. She enjoys having a positive impact on the world of self-publishing (accrediting her work to emphatic and responsible design). In her spare time, she enjoys extending her creativity beyond cover design and formatting to include drawing and sewing.
Jaide Long
Publishing Advisor
For as long as she can remember, Jaide has been obsessed with the magic of words. After completing a BA in Media, Communications, Politics and International Relations, she interned at an Australian travel magazine publisher. After taking a few years off to have three children, Jaide returned to the publishing world and joined Rowanvale Books. In her spare time, Jaide watches movies of all genres (except horror!), plays boardgames with her kids and explores her local Vendée countryside. She also enjoys the odd puzzle or classic novel with a glass of red wine!
Hannah Gill
Digital Marketing Strategist
After graduating top of her class with a BA Hons in English Literature, Hannah is now completing her MA at Cardiff University. In her down time, Hannah can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen (her favourite cuisine to recreate is Turkish food thanks to her half-Turkish partner) and spending time with her beloved pug, Alan.
Olivia Doshi
Book Marketing Advisor (Online Marketing Specialist)
Having developed a love of reading through her teenage years, Olivia carried that passion into her English Literature degree at Cardiff University. She credits her writing to focusing on the gendered experience in both films and literature. In her spare time, Olivia can be found playing an unhealthy amount of board games. She would happily spend every evening doing if her housemates could be convinced! Olivia also enjoys taking long evening walks around Cardiff.
Katie Chatfield
Book Marketing Advisor (Amazon Specialist)
An MA Marketing Student, Katie has been reading and writing stories for years. Captivated by Rowanvale’s mission to publish ethically for independent authors, she is one of our newest team members and is just as enthusiastic to take part in Rowanvale’s unique publishing journey. In her spare time, Katie loves to run and, of course, to read. Katie is currently training for Race for Life 10K and the Tough Mudder. A lover of murder mystery, she is currently captivated by Netflix’s How to Get Away with Murder.

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