Rowanvale’s Tips for New Authors

March 31, 2021

Being new to any job can leave you feeling unnerved and perhaps unsure of yourself, so just because you might not necessarily have a new office to frequent doesn’t mean some of those first-day jitters won’t be following you around as you embark on your journey as a new author.  

Here at Rowanvale Books, we spare no effort in supporting our new authors throughout the writing process and offer a selection of Pre-Publication Services to help guide the way. Our utmost priority is always to help authors reach their full potential, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for those new to the job.  


1. Read widely  

 Rarely will you find an author who isn’t an avid reader, and there’s a reason for this: to be a good writer, you must first be a good reader.


Reading widely and often from a vast and bountiful selection of genres is the foundation on which you will build your literary knowledge. Expanding your reading in this way will enable a greater depth of understanding and intelligence when it comes to your turn to pick up the pen.  


Be sure to take plenty of notes as you go along, learning what you like and don’t like when it comes to style, narrative and characterisation. A useful practice to utilise in your early days could be to keep a record of your favourite passages, giving you a literary goldmine to draw from when you’re feeling low on inspiration.  



2. Find your own method  

 Making it in the literary world is no easy feat, and for new authors, it can be a daunting experience to simply start writing. Because of this, writers can often find themselves yearning for a step-by-step guide to becoming an author.


As convenient as this may be, a one-size-fits-all blueprint to writing doesn’t exactly exist, which is why we strongly believe in the importance of following yourself to find your story. Trust your instincts and use them to discover your own method when it comes to getting your ideas on paper.   


Having said this, that doesn’t mean you have to go the journey alone. Our Writing Advisor services can offer you the support you need, regardless of what stage of writing you’re at. Whether you’re just figuring out the plot or approaching a final edit, our professionals are here to help guide and perfect your story. 


3. Take a creative writing course 

Creative writing courses are an excellent tool for new writers, allowing those new on the scene the opportunity to explore fresh techniques and methods, sometimes uncovering stories that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.


Enrolling on a course that advocates self-expression as well as self-exploration can enable new authors to fully immerse themselves in their work. Furthermore, doing so in a class setting opens up the possibility for discussion and reflection, developing your writing technique all the more.  


When you feel you have thoroughly reflected on your own work, our Editorial Assessments are here to help take your work one step further as we delve into your manuscript, seeking out any fundamental issues before you progress into your next draft. Just as you evaluate your peers’ work, we can offer an advanced and professional service that allows your work to be thoroughly examined through a fresh and experienced lens.  



4. Write from experience  

As a new author, it can be overwhelming deciding which story to give life to first. Even if you have your whole plot mapped out, it can feel like an impossible task to fill in the blanks in a meaningful and well-thought-out manner.  

 Choosing to write from your own experiences in life, be that love, grief or even fear, enables you to capture real human emotion, making your story all the more captivating and engaging. This isn’t to say you must stay strictly within the confines of what you know, but primarily that you can apply personable and relatable facets to your story, allowing your readers to fully immerse themselves in your writing. 


5. Write often to write well 

 As the age-old saying goes, practice makes perfect, and it’s no different when it comes to writing. From everyday journaling to short stories, the more often you write, the more familiar you become with your own style and narrative. As well as improving your overall tone and grammar, writing often can help cement your unique voice throughout your career as an author.  

High-quality writing is a vital component in a successful career as an author, which is why at Rowanvale Books we place an emphasis on a thorough and rigorous Proofreading & Copy-Editing process to uphold your reputation. Ensuring you’re writing often alongside any services you seek out will only develop the standard of your work, allowing your stories to be the best they possibly can be. 

Finally, it’s important to enjoy what you are writing, because whilst the process might not always feel easy, the end product will be well worth your time and effort. Taking our tips on board and using our tailored services to support your needs, you’ll be ready to start your writing journey.  


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