How to Run a Successful Bookstagram

March 31, 2021

In the cozy corners of Instagram can you find like-minded literary-obsessed individuals sharing all-things books with one another. If you didn’t already know, a Bookstagram is an Instagram page centred in sharing and discussing all of your favourite reads. That’s right, there’s a dedicated space for books on social media, and we love it!



Although book blogging has a long history, Bookstagrams are unique in the way they combine todays love for social media with the world’s well-established passion for literature. Just a quick search of #bookstagram brings up over 50 million posts worldwide, ranging from bookish quotes, a cover snapshot or an easy café-read. The beauty of Bookstagram, much like reading and writing books, is the sense of community that comes with it. Acting as a modern-day book club, running your own Bookstagram could just be the next step in growing your fan base 

 As an author, it can be difficult knowing how to effectively market yourself, especially if you’re unfamiliar with social media. Our Marketing & Aftercare Services can provide you with the support you need to broaden your audience while establishing your brand. Doing so can enable you the opportunities as an author to build your following strategically and authentically.  

 Whether you’re looking to expand upon your reading list or influence that of others, running a successful Bookstagram presents many opportunities to connect with authors, readers and writers alike. But where do you start? Well, this is Instagram after all, so, beginning with an aesthetically pleasing shot is definitely the first step forward.  


1. Getting the Perfect Picture 

Think good lighting, interesting compositions, colour coordination, and more! There are no strict guidelines in ensuring a perfect shot for your Bookstagram, but nailing a few basics can really have the potential to boost the quality and engagement of your image.


One of the easiest tricks to improving the overall look of your images is to shoot using natural light. Try your best to take your photos in a light and open space, avoiding any harsh artificial light at all cost.  


To make your feed more interesting, try and get some variation in the images you share. Yes, this is a Bookstagram and books need to be a central theme throughout, but don’t be afraid of incorporating different props or colours in your shoot. Whether you opt for a relaxing image featuring your favourite mug of tea or choose to have a pet as a special feature, the opportunities are endless.   



2. Engaging Videos  


Creating short and snappy video content for your Bookstagram is a great way of connecting with your followers on a more personal level.


Whether you choose to invest some time in creating an Instagram Reel or prefer to check-in regularly on your Story, video content is a fantastic way of allowing your followers to meet the author behind the novel.


Be sure to present yourself as approachable and bubbly and address your followers throughout. Establishing this human connection can help develop your brand and online presence as well as building a reliable fan base.  


3. Participate in Challenges  


 As authors, participating in social media challenges is a great way to expand your audience and grow your Bookstagram. One of our favourite challenges to date is #shelfie. A simple yet effective play on a selfie, shelfies allow you to show off your impressive bookshelf while encouraging your followers to share theirs. Interacting with your followers in this way helps cement that feeling of community while allowing your fan base to grow authentically. As part of our Marketing & Aftercare service, we advise authors on various social media campaigns.  

 Starting your own challenge is a great way to encourage your followers to engage in community activity while gaining some free promotion.


If your budget allows for it, you could even advertise a book giveaway, asking your followers to like, share and tag your post for an entry.


This is a simple means of making your Bookstagram more visible to others on Instagram and can easily aid in expanding the reach of your page. 


4. Engage with Your Followers  


No matter how inviting your Bookstagram may look on the surface, your followers will come and go if you fail to make the effort to engage meaningfully with them on your social media.


You’ll find a quick reaction, a comment back or a like can go a long way in boosting the relationship between you and your followers. Doing this will not only lead to a stronger human connection but a higher level of engagement with your Bookstagram, allowing your page to become more widely seen by others on the platform.


Making your presence known in this way is a fantastic means of solidifying your online following as well as your literary fan base. As an author, this has the potential to directly correlate with the marketing success of any current or future endeavours 



Running a Bookstagram takes maintenance, devotion and a good dose of passion, but keep in mind, this should be a fun and welcoming place for you and your followers to go. If you’re enjoying the content you share and engage with, it will translate to your audience. Through taking these simple tips on board, you’ll be perfectly placed to begin running your very own successful Bookstagram 


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