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19 Words to Start Using in 2019

1. Quixotic (adj.)

Of an action, attribute, idea, etc.: characteristic of or appropriate to Don Quixote; demonstrating or motivated by exaggerated notions of chivalry and romanticism; naively idealistic; unrealistic, impracticable; (also) unpredictable, capricious, whimsical.

2. Phantasmagoria (n.) 

(A vision of) a rapidly transforming collection or series of imaginary (and usually fantastic) forms, such as may be experienced in a dream or fevered state, or evoked by literary description.
A shifting and changing scene consisting of many elements, esp. one that is startling or extraordinary, or resembling or reminiscent of a dream, hallucination, etc.

3. Pernicious (adj.)

Of a thing, action, intent, etc.: causing or likely to cause harm, esp. in a gradual or insidious manner; dangerous, destructive; evil. Also in weakened use: having a harmful influence; undesirable.
Of a person: intending or causing harm, esp. insidiously; having a deleterious influence; villainous, wicked.

4. Lugubrious (adj.)

Characterized by, expressing or causing mourning; doleful, mournful, sorrowful.

5. Longueur (n.)

A lengthy or tedious passage of writing, music, etc.; a tedious stretch of time.

6. Soporific (adj.)

Inducing or tending to induce sleep; causing a person to sleep or slumber.

7. Liminal (adj.)

Characterized by being on a boundary or threshold, esp. by being transitional or intermediate between two states, situations, etc.

8. Elysian (adj.)

Of or pertaining to Elysium, the supposed state or abode of the blessed after death in Greek mythology. 

9. Arcadian (adj.)

Belonging to Arcadia; ideally rural or rustic.

10. Bellicose (adj.)

Inclined to war or fighting; warlike.

11. Obdurate (adj.)

Hardened against persuasion, entreaty, the feeling of pity, etc.; obstinate, unyielding, relentless, hard-hearted.

12. Rhadamanthine (adj.) 

Characterized by severe or rigorous judgement; unbending in integrity or the application of the law.

13. Eucatastrophe (n.)

Esp. in a fictional narrative: a (sudden or unexpected) favourable turn of events; esp.a resolution of this type; a happy ending.

14. Tellurian (adj.)

Of or relating to the earth; earthly, terrestrial. In later use frequently in Science Fiction: of, relating to, or living on the planet earth.

15. Thalassic (adj.)

Of or pertaining to the sea; growing or living in, or formed in or by the sea; marine. 

16. Temerarious (adj.)

Characterized by temerity; unreasonably adventurous; reckless, heedless, rash.

17. Stentorian (adj.)

Of the voice: Loud, like that of Stentor; very loud and far-reaching; hence, of uttered sounds, song, laughter and the like.

18. Splenetic (adj.) 

Of or relating to, or connected with, the spleen; splenic. 
Having an irritably morose or peevish disposition or temperament; given or liable to fits of angry impatience or irritability; ill-humoured, testy, irascible.

19. Mellifluous (adj.) 

Flowing with, exuding, or containing honey or a honey-like substance; of the nature of or resembling honey; sweetened with or as with honey.
Of speech, words, music, etc.: sweet, honeyed; pleasant-sounding, flowing, musical.
Of a speaker, writer, etc.: sweet-sounding; fluent; (later also) smoothly eloquent, charmingly persuasive.

All definitions have been taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.