The Land of Fairy Tales by Amy Bench

Released: September 2012

RRP: £5.99

ISBN: 978-0-9573183-1-1

40 pages, 210mm x 280mm, full colour illustrations

"The Land of Fairy Tales does exist you know, I’ve been there with the dragons, fairies and gnomes…"

Follow Dorothy into Oz and stay for tea with Alice at the Hatter’s tea party. Join your favourite fairy tale characters and explore Fairyland with them as they make friends and face foes.

In her first collection of poems, Amy Bench reworks familiar tales and characters to engage fairy tale lovers of all ages, guiding the reader through nostalgic and fanciful poems, with playful and witty aplomb. Timeless stories and characters are brought back to life in an original and personal way. The rhythm of the poems are memorable and your child will come back time and time again to join the narrator on their unforgettable journey through the Land of Fairy Tales.

Amy Bench is a young poet and author from Preston, studying English Literature at Lancaster University. She wants to teach English but particularly aspires to bring reading to life for children and stretch their imaginations.

With detailed and colourful illustrations and borders accompanying each poem, this collection is perfect to read aloud and share with a child.

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