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Marketing & Aftercare Service

As an author, one of the scariest aspects of publishing can be how to market a book. We can break things down so that something as scary and foreign as book marketing becomes easy and rewarding! Your Marketing Advisor will be your main point of contact, post-publication, to assist with marketing and distribution and to teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to market your new book.

In a nutshell

You can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out book marketing effectively. Transform yourself into a well-known brand, create marketing campaigns, promote your book to the right people and give yourself the greatest chance of success. Your Marketing Advisor can assist with book stores, with reviews, with social media campaigns and wider book marketing strategies, among many other avenues you might like to pursue!

What it costs

£198.00 (inc VAT) 

If you live outside of the UK, please ask your Publishing Advisor the correct price for your country.


Three months of pro-active assistance from your Marketing Advisor, including everything you need to know about book marketing from in-depth analysis to social media marketing. 

Why do we do this?

We believe in not just carrying out the book marketing ourselves, but coaching the author so that they become skilled in marketing their own work - in an increasingly saturated market, there are so few authors who understand how to market a book successfully. We understand how crucial it is to not only handle book marketing effectively, but to do this cheaply and strategically, so that authors can become self-sufficient in marketing their own titles and reap the benefits of this. Your Marketing Advisor will help you learn and understand free book marketing methods to help with your promotion. 

How do we do this?

Marketing Activities

Marketing Coaching and Support

Where to start? Rowanvale Books made it so easy. They really care about all aspects of production, and kept me informed weekly at every stage. Nothing was rushed, and I never felt pressurised to compromise at any point. 

The cover design incorporated everything that I wanted, superseding my original idea entirely. I was delighted with what the designer did with my (inarticulate) ideas. 

The editing process was thorough (and a little bit intense!) which is exactly what my manuscript required. 

The team have the patience of saints; I still don’t know how they do it? As a result of working with Rowanvale Books I feel so much surer of myself as a writer now. I’m approaching writing in a whole new way, and I’m much more confident in what I’m doing now, which in turn has made the writing easier; I can now begin new projects with less fear than I had before. To any aspiring authors out there reading this, I’d thoroughly recommend Rowanvale Books. The Rowanvale team are just fantastic. They make it so easy for writers, they're just a joy to work with.

​Jason Thorkwell, author of After the Quarrel and The Quarrel
They also used our Proofreading & Copy-Editing Service, Custom Book Cover Design Service and eBook Publishing Service