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Custom Book Cover Design Service

The book cover design is often argued to be the most important aspect of a book, as this is what catches the reader’s attention first and is often the ultimate factor in the purchase decision. Why opt for a templated, basic cover that might lose a reader’s interest when you can ensure that your book cover design is entirely unique?

In a nutshell

Work with one of our talented designers to produce a one of a kind, custom book cover design that will ensure your title stands out from the crowd. Your designer will collaborate with you to create a bespoke, beautiful, high-quality masterpiece that truly reflects your work.

What it costs

Book Cover Design - Graphic Design:

£99.00 - £135.00 (inc. VAT)

Book Cover Design - Bespoke Artwork:

£155.00 - £185.00 (inc. VAT)

Comparison - 

£420.00 (Authorhouse)
£599.00 (Xlibris)

If you live outside of the UK, please ask your Publishing Advisor the correct price for your country.


Graphic Design Cover:

Image manipulation such as blending of multiple images, removing components of an image, manipulating scene colours, touch-up of images; multiple amendments permitted, including font and text change.

Bespoke Artwork Cover:

A one of a kind, custom artwork piece that will ensure no book ever produced will look exactly like yours.

Browse examples in the Design Galleries.

Why do we do this?

We include the Book Cover Design Service as part of our publication services, as we believe that a unique and high-quality cover can make all the difference towards a book's reputation. The Book Cover Design Service is also available as a stand-alone option, which means that you can ensure your book cover design truly reflects the tone and content of your work, and can use it wherever and however you choose to publish. 

How do we do this?

I thoroughly enjoyed the publishing process of my debut novel with Rowanvale Books, so much so that I have now signed up to publish my second book with them. Many thanks to all of the team for their continued support and assistance.

Sarah Barry Williams, author of The Crystal Bloodline: Paradigm Shift and The Crystal Bloodline: A Shooting Star is Not a Star
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