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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a blight upon the world of self-publishing. The writers of the land were worried about extortionate fees, withheld royalty payments, a low-quality final product and very poor customer service. Finally, a trustworthy publishing company emerged from the heart of Wales to smite this problem before it quashed all creativity…

Hi, we’re Rowanvale Books. Nice to meet you! If you’re an independent author, writer or poet looking to publish, then we might just be the people for you. We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue what it is that makes them happy. If you want to write, for example, then you should be able to do just that. We feel that author satisfaction and control should be paramount in self-publishing.

Our values are Ambition, Efficiency, Trust, Enjoyment and Energy, and we like to think that we live and breathe these every day. We’ve worked hard to create a company and culture that respects the dedication of indie authors and their aspirations and, above all else, lets authors get on with what they do best. 

The Characters

We think we have a brilliant team of hardworking people, all of whom love books and many of whom are tea enthusiasts. Find out more about our staff below.

Cat Charlton Cat Charlton Managing Director
Cat Charlton

Cat Charlton

Managing Director

Cat is the resident force to be reckoned with, being the driving energy behind sales, marketing and strategy. Having seen the poor service experienced by her father while self-publishing, Cat decided enough was enough and created Rowanvale Books, along with the previous Director, Sarah. She studied Psychology at university and, more recently, further studies in Leadership & Management. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son and spaniel in the Welsh countryside.

The Rowanvale team are all exceptional individuals - they live and breathe our company values every day and are always striving to develop themselves and improve our services for authors. Working with the team is a pleasure; the atmosphere is great and I love welcoming new members to the Rowanvale family.

Bethan Rees Bethan Rees Publishing Advisor
Bethan Rees

Bethan Rees

Publishing Advisor

Beth is a big fan of cups of tea and boy bands, and routinely drags herself to the gym for spin classes. When she's not indulgently listening to One Direction, she's helping authors everywhere to achieve their dream of publishing. As one of our resident Publishing Advisors, Beth has a keen understanding of the publishing industry and loves working together with writers to establish how they can reach their goals. If you have a question about where to go with your manuscript, she's on hand to help.

I love having the opportunity to work with talented, passionate authors on so many fantastic books - being a part of the Rowanvale team is such a rewarding experience.

Sapphira White Sapphira White Writing Advisor
Sapphira White

Sapphira White

Writing Advisor

Sapphira studied English Language at Cardiff University, developing a keen eye for detail and building on her passion for the written word. Sapphira helps our authors to brush up on their writing skills during the Writing Advisor Service, as well as completing editing and quality control work. When she hasn’t got her head buried in a book, Sapphira can be found swimming, practising archery, or exploring parts of the countryside. She says that one of the hardest decisions she’s ever had to make was to pick a favourite book from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. As well as Harry Potter, she loves George RR Martin’s series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, its HBO counterpart, foxes, chocolate and the colour purple.

I love being part of the Rowanvale team; the staff are friendly, energetic and passionate about what they do, and the flexible working times are a huge benefit! My job as a Writing Advisor allows me to indulge my passion for reading, interact with writers and help them on their journeys to become published authors. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing manuscripts become polished novels with my help.

Hannah Frank Hannah Frank Account Manager
Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank

Account Manager

Having developed a passion for reading and writing at a very young age, Hannah opted to study English Language and Literature at Cardiff University. She is a main point of contact for authors, guiding them throughout the various stages of the publication process. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys writing for the CDF magazine, overindulging on crisps and watching/tweeting about tennis.

The best thing about working at Rowanvale is the sense of cohesion within the team – everyone works together really well and is on hand to assist at any given time. The atmosphere within the office is light-hearted yet professional – a difficult balance to maintain, yet Rowanvale seems to manage it!

Billie Hastie Billie Hastie Senior Designer
Billie Hastie

Billie Hastie

Senior Designer

Billie opted to study Illustration at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and helps to bring our authors' vision for their book to life by working closely with them to ensure the look of the book is more than was hoped for. When she's not hunched over a desk, sketching away, Billie enjoys going to the gym and then putting the pounds back on with some delicious cake.

The real perk of my job at Rowanvale - apart from the endless stream of tea - is helping bring an author's vision to reality. There's nothing more rewarding than helping someone achieve their goal.

Emma O'Connell Emma O'Connell Senior Writing & Marketing Advisor
Emma O'connell

Emma O'Connell

Senior Writing & Marketing Advisor

Emma studied Italian Language and English Literature at Cardiff University, focusing on Creative Writing, which was her favourite topic. Her passion for reading, writing and editing is what led her to work with Rowanvale; in her spare time she reads, writes, or thinks about both while she's doing housework. Fantasy is her genre of choice, and you can pretty much guarantee that when she's quiet, she's away with the fairies.

"I'm never happier than when I'm reading through a manuscript and get to think about how I can help make this amazing writing even better. I love working as a Writing Advisor because I have the all-important job of polishing a book until it dazzles - I can't imagine anything more exciting!"

Jay Rixon Jay Rixon Designer
Jay Rixon

Jay Rixon


Having a passion for art from a young age, Jay opted to study Illustration at the University of South Wales and now helps transform our authors' words into imagery. When he’s not putting pencil to paper, Jay enjoys challenging himself by climbing mountains, running half marathons and joining in with events like zombie runs.

The best part of working at Rowanvale Books is being part of such a great team. I also love breathing life into the world of writing through pictures and helping capture the author's vision.

Cerys Knighton Cerys Knighton Bilingual (Welsh) Writing Advisor & Designer

Cerys Knighton

Bilingual (Welsh) Writing Advisor & Designer

Literature and art being her passions, Cerys is doing a bit of everything she loves: working with authors on manuscripts as well as illustration and design. Also fluent in Welsh, and with a real interest in the art of translation, Cerys works with authors to translate and polish their manuscript into Welsh. In her spare time, Cerys works on her personal art portfolio, creative writing and loves to sing and play the piano. A Game of Thrones fanatic and animal lover, Cerys’ personal art is often inspired by the A Song of Ice and Fire series, wild animals and underwater creatures.

I feel very lucky to be part of such an enthusiastic team and to be able to work with both of my favourite things: books and art. I love working through manuscripts with authors and diving into the world of their characters, as well as bringing their vision for their book to life with illustration - I can’t imagine anything more rewarding.

Charlie Roberts Charlie Roberts Designer
Rowanvale Headshot

Charlie Roberts


Since her days as a child scribbling away on the backs of envelopes, Charlie has managed to scribble on much greater things, including some award winning children’s books! When she’s not illustrating, she enjoys singing loudly in the shower and playing with her daughter.

I’ve worked with the team at Rowanvale for years and they are such a dedicated and friendly bunch! We have been able to feedback and grow our businesses together, and they have allowed me the freedom to develop as an artist. I look forward to hopefully many more years of working together.”

Jessica Postians Jessica Postians Writing Advisor
Jess Website

Jessica Postians

Writing Advisor

Developing a passion for literature in primary school, Jess studied English Literature at Cardiff University. She is an unashamed lover of decorative stationary, colour-coordinated lists and the smell of a new book. Her literary loves range from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to chick-lit and mystery novels and, when not immersed in a book, the self-confessed chocoholic spends time with her husband and son, recently discovering that baby number two is on the way!

Applying for a position at Rowanvale Books was the best decision I ever made. It has been my dream to work in publishing since I was at school and being one of the first to cast my eye – and sometimes a little bit of magic – over an unpublished manuscript is a privilege I never dreamed of!

Charlotte Searle Charlotte Searle Marketing Advisor

Charlotte Searle

Marketing Advisor

Charlotte discovered her love for all things literary at a young age, regularly choosing to read a book over doing pretty much anything else! She studied English Language and Literature with the Open University and practices her skills through blog writing and the slow production of a novel. With a mental age well beyond her years, Charlotte enjoys knitting and baking with her spare time although these days she has much less of it as she is a new mum to a wonderful baby girl and a wife to a wonderful husband. Together they live on a farm in very rural South Wales.

Working for Rowanvale is amazing as not only do I get to meet and work with great, new authors and exciting, unread literature but I also get to be a part of a fab team of people who are just as book nerdy as I am!

Join our Story

So you’ve read our values, you’re interested in our story and you may be wondering how to join the team. We are interested in individuals who embody our values and are original, determined, dedicated and talented. You must also have a strong background in communication and a driven, ambitious attitude.

What can you expect from us? We encourage an energetic, progressive culture that is beneficial to all, focused on the happiness of our team members and authors. In return for your hard work and positive attitude, we offer great benefits in flexibility and rewards…

Do you think you have what it takes to help us write our next chapter? If you feel that you are the perfect match for us, we would love to get to know you - please get in touch!